Technical Advantage

Intelligent Equipments


Typical Panel Connections

Technical Advantages

  • 1、Intelligent production line for energy-saving and acoustic panels
    2、Automatic PU sandwich panel line from PUMA,Italy.
    3、Automatic rock wool/ glass wool sandwich panel line from Italy
    4、Production line of special corner plate and box panel from Italy
    5、Swiss-German high precision graphical automatic NC sheet metal processing equipment
    6、Anticorrosive galvanizing bath
    7、Metal profiled production lines
    8、NC steel structure welding production line
    9、Automatic NC Purlin production lines
    10、Baodu can provide new PU/PIR/rock wool/ glass wool sandwich panel, different kinds of structural steel parts including welded C beams,H beams, T beams, "+" beams, box beams, steel pipe parts, angle steel parts, lattice beams, special shaped steel components, grid structure etc.
    11、Annual production ability of 100,000tons steel structure, 5,000,000m2 sandwich panel, and 8,000,000m2 metal profiled panels.

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