Product System

Through technology innovation, Baodu developed six product system : Acoustic Panel System, Sandwich Panel System, Steel Structure System, Housing System, Window and Door System, Renovation System. With Baodu’s wide range of products and services, our customers can create visually inspiring, high performance facades. From the industry-leading acoustic panel to wide housing systems, our products have delivered aesthetics, performance, innovation, sustainability and value for over 100 years.
We continue to be on the cutting edge of architectural system building technology with our advanced thermal and moisture protection technology. Every facet of our products are engineered meticulously to meet today’s building standards to give our clients peace of mind, while delivering a wide variety of high-performance coatings, integrated components, and unmatched aesthetic options.
Throughout the build process, our consultative sales team, experienced engineers and network of facade installation specialists work with design build teams to ensure a smooth construction process. Professionals are ensured the most detailed and current drawings, documentation, field erection details and up-to-date product specifications. The end result is fast-track, seamless installation, leading to some of the world's most beautiful projects.

Acoustic Panel System

Modern people pay more and more attention to personal space and privacy, whether in the office or at home, "sound insulation" has become an important part of decoration. In addition, noise pollution has become an important factor affecting people's health, especially in the commercialization of housing. Many people spend a lot of money to buy commercial housing, but they are disturbed by the noise of the surrounding environment, and even lead to physiological and psychological diseases and confusion because of the poor sound insulation performance. With the development of transportation, the application of noise barrier is more and more extensive. How to use all kinds of available materials and structures to solve the noise pollution has become the biggest problem we are facing.
Through technological improvement and innovation, Baodu Company adopts Italian imported production line, and combines unique patented technology and architectural aesthetics to develop acoustic system products, which integrates heat insulation, fire prevention, noise reduction, sound absorption and insulation, air tightness and decoration .

Insulated Metal Panel System

Baodu’s insulated metal panels deliver extraordinary performance backed by the most advanced thermal and moisture protection technology available. In addition, we offer a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes so you can explore unique aesthetic opportunities across the building envelope.
Baodu’s insulated metal panel let your imagination form an idea, form an impression and finally form a wall. Design possibilities are limitless with an extensive range of panel lengths, widths, thicknesses and reveals. Create smooth contemporary facades using a variety of colors and finishes or combine panels with Baodu’s integrated components to form the complete wall system. 

Steel Structure System

Baodu has been specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structure since 2001, Different kinds of structural steel parts including welded C beams,H beams, T beams, "+" beams, box beams, steel pipe parts, angle steel parts, lattice beams, special shaped steel components, etc. are fabricated here with an annual production capacity of 70,000 metric tons. More than 200 experienced workers are busy with the production every day.

Housing System

Baodu has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.
In 2001, Baodu began to produce steel structure parts. In those first 10 years, Baodu production emphasis has gone through from the production of steel structure to integrated housing production. After ten years efforts, the first container house was finished and exported to New Caledonia in 2008. Meanwhile, Baodu gradually becomes a leader in the Steel Structure industry. Now, its main products can be divided into three categories, which are light steel villa, container house and prefab house. The annual production capacity for different types of buildings can reach 50,000square meters.

Window and Door System

Baodu is specialized in providing all kinds of alu extrusion profiles and different surface treatment to stratify the most demanding customer and all architectural needs. Including mill finish, powder coating finish, anodize finish, electrophoresis finish and wooden grain finish.

Renovation System

Baodu is specialized in providing the exterior decorative wall panel which is widely used for the renovation. There are 10 styles and over 100 colors for you to choose from.